Re Roofing and Factors to Consider when Choosing Materials

A lot of homeowners are desiring for a roof that is not too pricey, requires no maintenance, and lasts for a lifetime. But most of the time, roofs are being replaced or repaired at least every ten to twelve years. You can reduce the cost of re roofing by carefully choosing the materials used for your roof.

re roofing

There are many kinds of roofing shingles in the market today. This makes choosing the best one a daunting task. It is then important that you have carefully considered all the factors that are needed when choosing the best roofing shingles that you are going to buy for your house.

Here are some factors that you should consider when choosing for your roof:

Roof Materials

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There are some people who think that asphalt shingles are the only good roofing option. But in fact, there are many other choices that can fit your needs. The first thing that you have to ask yourself when choosing for the best type is which is the best one, not the popular one that most people buy today.

Asphalt shingles are certainly the most popular nowadays. There are other options that you can choose from wood shingles, slate or clay tiles, and aluminum roofing. It is better if you research about the advantages and disadvantages of each material so that you can make a good judgment on what is best for your re roofing project.

Comparing Costs

Always take into consideration the cost of the roof materials and installation. Generally, laminated and asphalt shingles are the least expensive when it comes to installation cost, followed by the cost of installing wood and slate. Tile, on the other hand, is cheaper than slate, but this kind of roof material should only be installed by a professional, making you spend more for labor.

Longevity of the New Shingles

roof materialsTypically, wood, laminated, and asphalt shingles can last for 20-30 years because of their relative ease when it comes to repair and replacement. For instance, a single asphalt shingle that is bent can be removed and replaced without having to disturb other surrounding roofing. This is also true with wooden shingles. On the other hand, slate and concrete shingles can last for more than 100 years, but the downside of using these kinds of materials for re roofing is that most residential houses cannot support their weight as roof design.

Color of the Roofing Shingles

roof designWhen you are choosing the right re roofing material, you must also consider the color that you are going to pick for the material. White and tan are usually the most popular color used in many houses nowadays. Other people choose something that has greenish tint to them. Also, consider the color of the siding of your house. This will help you in choosing the right color and material for your house’s roofing.

Choosing the roofing material that can fit the design of your house can be hard at times. But as long as you know the basic factors to consider, it will be easier to get the right one for your home.